Kilimanjaro Expeditions
Different routes offered by Moshi Maasai to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro
Machame route
Kilimanjaro - 6 days
Machame route is probably the most complete trail taking you to Kilimanjaro summit – it is used uphill, and is combined with Mewka route for...
Lemosho route
Kilimanjaro - 7/8 days

Lemosho route is a very pleasant one where wildlife is often spotted in the forest. This is one of the quietest uphill trails to Kilimanjaro....

Shira route
Kilimanjaro - 5/6 days
This route is usually only offered to 4,000m acclimatized climbers, who have climbed either Mount Kenya or Mount Meru already. We go by 4 ×...
Umbwe Route
Kilimanjaro – 5/6 days
Umbwe route is one of the shortest and thus one of the fastest ways to get to the glaciers. It is well known for its...
Marangu route
Kilimanjaro - 5/6 days
Also known as the "Coca Cola route", the Marangu route is the most popular one leading to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. Approximately 80% of...
Rongai Route
Kilimanjaro – 6/7 days
Rongai route climbs up Kilimanjaro on the northeast side of the mountain, along the border of Tanzania and Kenya. This itinerary’s big draw is its...