Zanzibar -

Zanzibar (Unguja in Swahili) is the most famous island of all the islands in Tanzania, due to its beautiful paradise landscape and for being the birthplace of a great merchant empire - Stone Town, the historical center of the city of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is easier to reach than other islands in the archipelago, since there are more than two daily direct flights coming from Moshi or Dar es Salaam. This island also offers a wider range of accommodations, due to being the most touristic place in Tanzania.

Even if there is a large influx of tourists, Zanzibar is not completely overcrowded by large hotel complexes. We must choose the right area to enjoy a quiet stay where it is possible to completely connect with the spirit of the island. The best places for this relaxing stay are: Matemwe, Michamvi, Paje and Jambiani Kizimkazi.   Because they have not suffered this hotel invasion and have remained relatively undeveloped, these places offer small, intimate accommodations that are integrated with the environment and landscape of the area.

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