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Chui Safari

Chui Safari - Safari - 6 days

Chui – leopard in Swahili – takes us to an animal safari, combined with wonderful walks next to crystal-clear rivers and tribal cultures, in which we will enter two of the best parks in northern Tanzania in the well known Rift Valley. There, we can find a great variety of wildlife, and even spot the Big Five of Africa, elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard.

Both the park and the landscape change on the second day – Serengeti, bordering Ngorongoro, is Africa’s biggest and wildest park. In the Maasai language it means ‘endless plains’, and it is well known for the massive migration of wildebeest and zebras, happening through these plains in search of pasture.

The third day is devoted to exploring this great savannah where we can find landscapes as different as rivers, acacia forests, and plains.  We can see big families of lions and other big cats, along with hippos, elephants, zebras, giraffes, wildebeest, antelopes, monkeys…

On the fourth day we head to the north of Serengeti, an area known as Wolf.  We will take the track towards Lake Natron across new ranges of the park, some which remain unexplored areas.   

On the fifth and sixth day, we leave wildlife behind, and head to a magical and still off-the-beaten-path lake, where we will enjoy the Maasai culture along with the Maasai people, in addition to admiring spectacular landscapes, with rivers, waterfalls and volcanoes. We will visit this special lake that acquires a reddish hue with the rains, and that holds the largest reserve of flamingos in Africa. A trek among crystalline waterfalls will be the best remedy to stretch our legs after all the long car rides we will have endured on the previous days.

Here, we will also come across Ol Doinyo Lengai, an active volcano and sacred mountain for the Maasai, its name meaning ‘Mountain of God’. An optional expedition can be added, starting at midnight and ending in the morning with an impressive descent from the crater. It is rather steep, so it is advisable to be fit.

  • Day 1: Moshi – Ngorongoro Crater
  • Day 2: Ngorongoro Crater (Oldupai george) – Serengeti National Park
  • Day 3: Serengeti National Park
  • Day 4: Serengeti National Park – Lake Natron
  • Day 5: Lake Natron
  • Day 6: Lake Natron – Ngaruka – Moshi
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